Community Supported Agriculture (CSA)

CSA Overview

Agudas Achim & Temple Israel are working together this year to bring you a quality CSA!

We are continuing the successful partnership with Bird’s Haven Farms, a small family owned farm in Granville, Ohio, to offer weekly distributions of fresh, locally grown produce. As a CSA member, you purchase a “share” of the farm. In return for your share, you receive fresh, seasonal fruits and vegetables each week throughout the farming season.

Weekly CSA pick-ups will take place on at Agudas Achim (2767 E. Broad Street, Bexley) in the parking lot.


Share Cost

Just Right Share (one or two people)

11 weeks: 7/1-9/9 $215.00
21 weeks: 6/1-10/20 $365.00

A Little More Share (family of 3 to 4)

11 weeks: 7/1-9/9 $355.00
21 weeks: 6/1-10/20 $565.00

The deadline to register for the CSA is April 1. If you are interested in joining, contact Bobbie Shkolnik at 614-237-2747, ext. 22 or email

Seasonal Produce

Bird's Haven Farms offers a huge variety of seasonal vegetables and fruits in their CSA shares. In your weekly basket, you may find...

  • Heirloom Tomatoes
  • Summer Squash
  • Colored Bell Peppers
  • Red Potatoes
  • Bi-Color Sweet Corn
  • And so much more!!

Farm Practices

Bird's Haven Farms practices organic crop production methods and uses only natural products for bug and disease control. They take pride in only selling produce that they have started from seed. Bird’s Haven Farms never second sells. They are able to guarantee the quality of their produce from start to finish.

Learn more about Bird's Haven Farm CSA and share information


Why should I invest in a small, local farm?

There are many advantages to becoming a CSA member.

  • Eat ultra-fresh food with all of the flavor and vitamin benefits
  • Get exposed to new vegetables and new ways of cooking
  • Develop a relationahip with the farmer growing your food
  • Visit the farm and learn more about how your food is produced
  • Watch your children try new vegetables from "their" farm
  • Strengthen and support a sustainable local economy
  • Be a part of a unique community of people making healthy choices

How much produce comes in each share size option?

"Just Right Share": The small share is the most popular size and will feed a couple or a single person who eats almost exclusively vegetarian.
"A Little More Share": The medium share will provide enough produce for a family of three to four depending on your normal vegetable consumption.

What if I can't pick up my share one week?

If you cannot pick up your share one week, try to have a friend or another CSA member pick up your share for you. If that is not possible, you have the option to donate your share, and it will be delivered to a local food bank or family in need.

Who can I contact regarding questions about the CSA?

Bobbie Shkolnik at

A "Hazon" CSA

Temple Israel is a “Hazon” CSA. Hazon is America’s largest Jewish environmental group. Their goal is to create healthier and more sustainable communities. They do this by encouraging Jewish people to make a difference in the world, and reframing their Jewish lives while doing so. Becoming a part of a CSA is one way towards accomplishing this goal. Hazon literally means “vision” and it is Hazon’s vision to “create healthy and sustainable communities in the Jewish world and beyond”.

Hazon is the first Jewish CSA program in North America and is currently the largest faith-based CSA program in the country. A Hazon CSA follows the traditional CSA structure, however, it goes one step beyond a traditional CSA by giving Jewish individuals and families the opportunity to join a unique Jewish community and to further engage with the questions related to the intersection of food, sustainability and Jewish tradition. Hazon CSAs provide a platform for synagogues to offer outstanding programming and social events within and outside the CSA community.

Hazon Goals

  • Put Jewish purchasing power behind local family farms
  • Bring healthy, locally grown food into Jewish homes
  • Create engaging, high-quality family Jewish education around food & agriculture
  • Encourage Jewish participation in the sustainable agriculture movement

The Temple Israel Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) program is supported by a Lurie Micro-Grant. The Lurie Micro-Grant program was established in 2009 by long time Temple Israel congregants Tom and Nancy Lurie. In the spirit of Tikun Olam- תקון עולם : Make the World a Better Place , this grant seeks to help rekindle the spirit of reaching out to our community in our daily lives. Many of the goals of the Temple Israel CSA support this idea by creating a unique community of people making healthy lifestyle choices, offering engaging, high-quality family Jewish education around food and agriculture, and putting Jewish purchasing power behind local farms helping to strengthen and support a sustainable local economy.

Lurie Micro-Grant Vision Statement:
Celebrating the rich history of Temple Israel and in the spirit of Reform Judaism which inspires new directions in Jewish religious life, the Micro-Grant Program encourages Temple Israel members and staff to create innovative programs which link their own personal passions with Judaism, Temple Israel, and the Central Ohio community.

We envision that the Micro-Grant Program will build communities of people with similar interests and strengthen their connection to Reform Judaism. We expect to deepen the quality of participation in temple life, and energize and motivate a broader base of members through new initiatives. Our hope is that the Micro-Grant Program will help to transform Temple Israel into a visionary congregational and community leader.
Creating Community, Nurturing Souls and Repairing the World
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