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The first step for those interested in applying for a grant is to submit a one-paragraph narrative of the program concept. The information should include a short statement of the idea and goals of the program as well as a description of how the program will engage other Temple Israel members. Please include the name and contact information for the individual(s) submitting the concept. The grant committee will review and select those concepts that fit the criteria of the grant to submit the formal application.  Narratives should be sent to Rabbi Mars at Members of the Grant Committee will review the program concept in order to determine if it meets the criteria for the program. Once approved the committee will ask that the grant applicant complete the Lurie Grant RFP.

The Lurie Micro-Grant Program was established in 2010 by Tom and Nancy Lurie as a way of linking the passions of TI members with other members of the congregation. Five grants are currently being funded.

Grant ideas or questions about the Lurie Micro-Grant should be forwarded to Rabbi Mars at


Lurie Micro-Grant Vision Statement:

"Celebrating the rich history of Temple Israel and in the spirit of Reform Judaism which inspires new directions in Jewish religious life, the Lurie Micro-Grant Program encourages Temple Israel members and staff to create innovative programs which link their own personal passions with Judaism, Temple Israel, and the Central Ohio community.

We envision that the Lurie Micro-Grant Program will build communities of people with similar interests and strengthen their connection to Reform Judaism. We expect to deepen the quality of participation in temple life, and energize and motivate a broader base of members through new initiatives.

The Lurie Micro-Grant Program will transform Temple Israel into a visionary congregational and community leader."

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