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How can I participate?

We believe participation in the project should be easy. There are a couple of ways to participate.  

Here is a paper version of the order form. Simply fill it out and mail it back with your preferred form of payment, and we'll complete your order. 

Online ordering is a TWO STEP process: 

First, click here to complete the online order form. Once complete, you will then be routed back to Temple Israel's website to complete your online payment and tax deductible donation.  

What Should I write? Sample Text

Jane Doe
Love Bubbe & Zaydie

Mazel Tov to the 
Confirmation Class
of 1987

Bruchim Habaim 
Love the
Jones Family 

Adult B"M Class
of 2015

Thank you, Love
the Stein Mishpocha
Joe Jane Jack Jill

In Loving Memory
of John Doe
- the Doe Family 

In Memoriam
Jack Doe 1900 - 98 
husband father 

Frequently Asked Questions:

What size are the bricks?

4x8 and 8x8. The color palette is a range/variety of red, brown and grey tones.

What is the pattern and layout?

Claret Full Range Paver : Sample

How will we protect these bricks to make sure they last for a lifetime?

Some of the bricks will be under the cover of the canopy of the main entrance of the synagogue. All engraved bricks come with a lifetime guarantee from the company, in order to make certain that they stay pristine for a long, long time.


I already participated in the SHUVU building campaign do I receive a brick?

First, thank you for your generous support to our SHUVU campaign, we are deeply grateful for the support of our extended Temple Israel Family. Heart & Sole is an entirely separate and NEW project of Temple Israel, so no prior gifts will be acknowledged in this walkway. 

When will the bricks be installed?

The initial installation of the engraved bricks will be when the weather is nice in Spring 2022.

My question isn’t listed here, who can I contact?

Jennah Scher 614.866.0010 ext 115 or via email at





By when do I need to order to participate?

There is no deadline to participate. Bricks are ordered as they are able to be installed. We hope to get bricks placed again this spring 2022. 

What do we need to know for each brick?

4 x 8 = 3 lines with 18 characters per line (including spaces)

8 x 8 = 6 lines with 18 characters per line. 

Bricks are text only.

Is Hebrew available?

Unfortunately, no.

I’d like my brick next to someone else’s brick. Can you arrange for special placement?

Unfortunately, space is limited, and bricks will be placed at the installers’ choice. We cannot accommodate or make any guarantees on placement.

I ordered a brick either with a paper form or through the online ordering system. How do I pay?

Click here to make your tax deductible gift through the Temple Israel website.
Or send your check to:

Temple Israel
431 E. Broad Street

Columbus, Ohio 43215
Or contact : Jennah Scher 614.866.0010 ext 115 or via email at



Tue, January 31 2023 9 Shevat 5783