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Lifelong Learning

TILMADTemple Israel Limud (Study) Musar (Ethical Wisdom) And Da'at (Knowledge) 
(Life Long Learning at Temple Israel)

The classes of the TILMAD program are designed for adult learners with varying backgrounds and levels of Jewish education. TILMAD is based on the Jewish value of Torah Li’shma, learning for its own sake. At the same time, we also recognize the importance of recent scientific research linking continued study throughout adulthood with increased brain function and acuity. These “new discoveries” are finally catching up with our ancient wisdom that says:

The more Torah, the more life;
The more sessions, the more wisdom…

-Rabban Gamliel II, Mishah Avot 2:7

We offer an Introduction to Judaism class (“Judaism 101”) every year(a collaboration with Congregations Beth Shalom and Beth Tikvah), beginning in the fall. Other courses change year to year.

Interfaith Bible Study & Discussion

Mondays, April 24, May 1, 8, 15, 22

7:00 PM

at First Congregational Church, 444 E. Broad Street

Rabbi Zinkow and Rev. Tim Ahrens co-teach this second year of interfaith exploration of our sacred stories and texts.  This class is designed to bring together members of Temple Israel and First Congregational Church for fellowship, learning and dialogue.  Recognizing the urgent need for interfaith understanding, we hope this experience will help us appreciate the dynamics of religious pluralism.  At the conclusion of the 2-year course, we will travel together to Israel and deepen our interfaith conversation.

Taking the course does not require you to participate in the trip, nor is the course a prerequisite for the trip, although it is our hope that through the two-year learning experience, we will form a community that will continue together in “the field,” using Israel as our classroom.

Speaking Torah - Spiritual Teachings from the Chasidic Masters

Sunday, May 7 - 9:30 AM

We will read novel mystical interpretations of Torah passages as taught by 18th & 19th century Hasidic masters. You will discover that Torah is a living, breathing text that remains as relevant today as it was 2000 years ago. This approach to learning Torah will inform your own inner journey and enhance your spiritual life.

Mussar - Everyday Holiness

Sunday, May 21 - 9:30 AM

In this class, we learn about the Jewish practice of mindfulness, using the tool of Mussar (character improvement), which is the cultivation and deepening of middot (soul traits). Everyday Holiness, by Alan Morinis, will be our guide as we learn, practice and (hopefully!) grow.

Fri, November 24 2017 6 Kislev 5778