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“Poetry and song in Hebrew are expressed by the same word, shir. The lyric and the lyre can catch the current of the human soul. Words are powerful but music stirs the soul.”

- Rabbi David Wolpe

Music is central to the spiritual and cultural life of Temple Israel. We provide multiple opportunities for engagement with classical and contemporary Jewish Music, utilizing traditional nusah (Jewish modes) Hazzanut (Cantorial Art Music) as well as contemporary music from our Jewish summer camps in our services and programs.

Our music creates a feeling of joy and warmth, comfort and community, serenity and peace, written by a wide variety of composers from around the world.  Children and adults alike can find inspiration and healing through the languages of music and liturgy intertwined.

Music is also taught consistently in our Religious and Hebrew Schools and integrated into the curriculum and cultural celebrations. Additionally, classes offered through TILMAD, the adult education program, may include topics such as “The Art of the Niggun” and “Singing to Return—an in depth look at the Music of the High Holy Days.” 

Listen to the Music of Temple Israel

B'nai Mitzvah  Blessings and Prayers

Sun, February 25 2018 10 Adar 5778